SEO: Why Buy Old Domain Names- Better than New Ones

If you are planning on creating a website, there are many things you will have to deal with. Buying the domain, using a tool domain name generator, setting up a web server, hosting the website and designing it requires time, effort and money. The rent of the server, domain name and hosting combined is borne by the owner. So when shopping for these a domain you should buy one that gives you the best SEO output.

Why Buy an Old Domain?

A new domain name usually takes up to a year before it is added in the search engine results. The reason for this is different search engines test the websites first for the legitimacy of the domain and the reputation of the link. They determine this by monitoring the traffic coming to the website during the testing phase.

When we talk about old domains, we are referring to the domain names that have been on the internet for 5 to ten years. These domains have their own unique qualities that attract a crowd of potential buyers. The domains have built up their reputation and trust value over the years with a number of search engines. This is why people prefer to buy an old domain name because it comes with the reputation and SEO ranking and they will not have to wait a long time to get their page to appear in search engine results.

There are many other reasons to buy old domain names rather than purchase a brand new one. The aged domains have multiple uses. They can be purchased by individuals, organizations and businesses to redirect to their own website. This is a great way to generate more traffic for your web page. However, when you are redirecting to a new website the trust factor and page rank will drop eventually or it will be replaced by the ranking and value of your new domain page.

Buying an old domain is quick fix solution for those who want higher ranking for their page. The best thing you can use an old domain name for is to redirect the traffic from it to a new website. This is most effective if the aged domain used to be a popular one and attracted a lot of visitors in its time.

Apart from using old domain for redirection people also employ them to improve the quality of content on their website. The old domain can be used as an additional webpage or micro website that complements your original one. You can add relevant SEO keywords in the content hosted by the old domain to increase relevance and ranking of your new website.

Many companies buy old domains in bulk to sell it to potential customers as means of improving their page’s ranking in search engines. This way the SEO companies act as middlemen in the sales process of old domains.


How to Find a Good Old Domain

There are several ways to find old domains with good reputations. Many paid services exist for this purpose but there are some free ones as well. You can use to conduct an initial evaluation of the domains available for purchase. It shows the page rank, SEO authority, back links for all domains currently on sale.

For a detailed review you can go on to SEOMastering to check the authenticity of the statistics and hunt for even more authoritative old domains. MajesticSEO is another great tool that indicates websites with low trust values and overly back linked web pages and 301 redirects.